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Life of surgical instruments is very vital as each  year  hospitals and various doctors  purchase high quality surgical instruments that are worth million of dollars. This is a huge investment in this industry. The hospital administration has to take certain procedures to ensure the proper handling and care for these instruments. Consequently instruments life can be extended .

Why should you Consider to increase the life of surgical instruments?

When it comes to increase the life of surgical instruments the most important aspect is their cleaning. It is important that the surgical instruments must be clean right after their usage. Otherwise the debris and blood from the patient can cause oxidation of the instruments if they are left for too long that they get dried up on them. This can cause serious damage to the instruments as the blades get dull and the springs and clamps are not able to tighten up as much as they are suppose to.

Suggestions to increase the life of surgical instruments:

If you want to increase the life of your surgical instruments always make sure that you pack them well in a neutral pH cleaning solution. Then put them into a plastic container right after using . It is important that you let the instruments remain in this cleaning solution for at least 30 minutes. After that you have to take them out of the solution and fully rinse them with clean water. Then using a professional and clean towel, pat dry all your instruments.

Finally get an autoclave bag for placing the surgical instruments in them and then secure this bag with special autoclave tape. This tape is unique because it has certain properties that help it turn from an orange color to brown color when it has reached the proper temperature for sterilization. This helps the technicians know that the instruments inside have already  sterilized.

Use caution during cleaning and sterilization as the handles require special handling to prevent damage. To avoid damage to the handle’s bayonet fitting end and threads on collated handles during cleaning or sterilization. Hence a tumbling action should be avoid. Instruments manufactured from different metals  (i.e. Stainless and nickel) should be process separately to avoid electrolytic action between the different metals. Keep blackened instruments and instruments made from different steels separate to avoid scratches and removal of the black coating.

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