Track your order

tracking order shown on ipad

Before you track your order, know that there are two stages for your parcel once you place an order – Before Shipment and After Ship. Before Shipment is when your parcel is still with us either on-hold (awaiting payment) or is on-process (awaiting pick up from courier). After Ship is once your parcel is dispatched or picked up by the courier – you may begin counting the ETA from this day. In this stage, your parcel is already beyond us and is under the care of our logistics. Make sure to keep your lines open so that they can call you if they’re already within the area or if they need additional details from you.

To know if your order and parcel status with us, go here – Order Tracking. You’ll need the Order ID sent to you and the e-mail address you used when you placed your order.

Once the order’s shipped, we will send the shipping details to your e-mail and SMS. Details including the courier and the tracking code will also be provided. For e-mail updates, you can track your order directly by clicking the link sent and input your tracking code if you need to; while you can go to the courier’s website and input your tracking code provided in the SMS.

Track Your Order